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Keeping Radio Staff Informed 1998

It's 1998 and a total of ten briefings including the newsletter are recorded in the archive.


This year a decrease in notices and newsletters for personnel & Noticeboard.

Three Issues this year of the newsletters topic of conversation this year was the fundraising for the EMI Unit/Bedhead Equipment Change and the possibility of Low Power AM for Hospital Radio's. feedback from staff

New Bedhead
Equipment Fundraising
Staff Newsletter Feature

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Timeline 1998

No Issues Event PDF Link Topics Type
01 Hnews75 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter Winter 1998 Mini-disc,Foreign Interference,EMI Unit,Un-Welcome Visitors,Etc A4
02 AM Service Noticeboard AM Service Disruption 1998 Hospital Alterations Disruption to AM Service A4
03 History Noticeboard Radio History Part 9 1998 New History Folder Added to Studio A5
04 Hnew76 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter Spring Summer 1998 Donation,Feedback,New Presenter,EMI Unit,AM Service For Hospital Radios,Etc A5
05 AM Radio Noticeboard Low Power AM 1998 Information on Low Power AM For Hospital Radio's A4
06 AM Radio Noticeboard Low Power AM Discussion For LOF 1998 Low Power AM Discussion Information A4
07 Volunteers Noticeboard Volunteer Records Update Letter 1998 Volunteer Records Post
08 Grand Draw Noticeboard Grand Draw Attendance 1998 Grand Draw Night Attendance A4
09 Grand Draw Noticeboard Grand Draw Tickets 1998 Grand Draw Ticket Returns A4
10 Hnews77 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter Autumn/Winter 1998 Feedback,Crowthorne Rotary,Engineering Corner,ID Badges,Etc A5

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1998 Year Twenty Two Story Unfolds

1998 was a very busy year for the station management and as the year unfolded there was much to do and organise

For further information about this year:- Follow the links

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