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Keeping Radio Staff Informed 1993

It's 1993 and a total of eighteen briefings including the monthly newsletter are recorded in the archive.


This year a decrease in notices and monthly newsletters for personnel & Noticeboard.

The first newsletter of the new year and a change in format and a move to Microsoft publisher. These editions were produced as A5 booklets. Four of the original desktop publishing files files are missing so only text versions available.Copies were available as personal copies or to the Noticeboard.

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RHSG Scarborough
Staff Newsletter Feature

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Timeline 1993

No Issues Event PDF Link Topics Type
01 Hnews46 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter January 1993 Battery Bag,Yakkety Yak,Departures,Sweethearts Ball,Etc A5
02 Hnews46S Noticeboard Newsletter Update January 1993 What Are The Plans for 1993?,Etc A4
03 Management Noticeboard Management Tel Contact List 1993 Management Tel Contact List 1993 A4
04 Hnews47 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter Febraury 1993 Feedback,Loan Radio Batteries,Teamleader,Harmony Club,Etc A5 Missing, Text Only
05 Hnews48 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter March 1993 Grand Draw,New Ward,Sweethearts Ball,New Presenters,Etc A5
06 Tee-Shirt Noticeboard Radio Presenters Tee-Shirts 1993 Tee-Shirt Invitation A4
07 Hnews49 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter April 1993 Feedback,Loan Radio Service,Bop While You Shop,Arrivals,Etc A5 Missing, Text Only
08 Hnews50 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter May 1993 Mug sales,Keep It Clean,Recruitment 93,Stop Your Tickling Jock,Etc A5 Missing, Text Only
09 AM Service Noticeboard Am Service Fault 1993 Am Service Fault Caused By Contractors A4
10 Reminder Noticeboard Arrival & Departure Checks 1993 Arrival & Departure Checks A5
11 Hnews51 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter June 1993 New Presenter,You've been Framed,Bracknell Bandstand,Work Experience,Etc A5
12 Hnews52 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter July 1993 Strike One,Feedback,Engineering Corner,Bad Taste Radio,Etc A5
13 Hnews Copy Noticeboard Newsletter Copy 1993 Newsletter Copy 1993, Who Wants Personal? A4
14 Hnews53 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter August 1993 Loan Radio's,Foot n Mouth,Grand Draw,RHSG,Etc A5 Missing, Text Only
15 Hnews54 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter September 1993 Departures,Did You Know,Grand Draw Jingles,Record Donation,Etc A5
16 Hnews55 Personal & Noticeboard November 1993 Christmas,Donation,Crown Exemption,Record Donation,Etc A5
17 Hnews56 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter December 1993 It's Only Hospital Radio,Did You Know,Fight For FM,Promises Promises,Etc A5
18 Batteries Noticeboard Loan radio batteries 1993 Loan radio batteries 1993 A4

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1993 Year Seventeen Story Unfolds

1993 was a very busy year for the station management and as the year unfolded there was much to do and organise

For further information about this year:- Follow the links

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