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Keeping Radio Staff Informed 1992

It's 1992 and a total of twenty five briefings including the monthly newsletter are recorded in the archive.


This year an increase in notices and newsletters on the noticeboard as new staff came in and a lot more activities were being conducted this influenced the notices count.Volunteers were still able to have personal copies,these would be left on their team clip.

Special Broadcast
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Timeline 1992

No Issues Event PDF Link Topics Type
01 Hnews34 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter January 1992 In Memory,Studio One,New Presenters,Medium Wave,Etc A4 Original Missing
02 Hnews35 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter February 1992 Donations,EMI Unit,Loan Radio,Market Stall,Etc A4
03 Hnews36 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter March 1992 New ward,Arrivals,Newsletter,Toy Fair,Etc A4
04 Sweatshirt Noticeboard Sweatshirt Orders 1992 Sweatshirt Staff Orders A4
05 Car Boot Noticeboard Car Boot Volunteers 1992 Car Boot Volunteers 1992 A4
06 Hnews37 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter April 1992 Arrivals,Thankyou,Sweatshirts,Time for Ward Rounds,Etc A4 Original Missing
07 Telephone Noticeboard Hospital Phone Directory 1992 Useful numbers for staff to contact A4
08 Car Boot Noticeboard Car Boot Evening GetTogether 1992 Invitation to Evening Get Together A4
09 Hnews38 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter May 1992 Feedback,Answer Machines,Toy Fair,Day Trip Warwick,Etc A4
10 Broadcast Noticeboard Broadcast 6th June Program Allocation and Rules of the Day A4
11 Hnews39 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter June 1992 Secret Squirrel,Begging Bowl,Loan Radio,Day Surgery Unit,Etc A4
12 Car Boot Noticeboard Car Boot Thankyou 1992 Car Boot Thankyou A4
13 Hnews40 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter July 1992 Car Boot,Arrivals,Commitment,Day Trip,Etc A4 Original Missing
14 Hnews41 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter August 1992 Feedback,Toy Fair,Security,League of Friends AGM,Etc A4 Original Missing
15 Charity Night Noticeboard Charity Night Invitation 1992 Invitation to Attend Charity Night A4
16 Hnews42 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter September 1992 Feedback,Battery Rounds,Friday Night Stonker,Passing Out,Etc A4 Original Missing
17 Staff Noticeboard Radio Roll Call September 1992 Radio Roll Call September 1992 A4
18 Hnews43 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter October 1992 Annual Report,AGM,Code of Conduct,Bracknell Market,Etc A4 Original Missing
19 Hnews44 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter November 1992 Feedback,Car Parking,New Computers,Battery Costs,Etc A4 Original Missing
20 Radio Tuning Noticeboard Bedhead Retuning 1992 Radio Channels Change A4
21 Radio Tuning Noticeboard Bedhead Retuning 1992 Update Radio Channels Change A4
22 Hnews45 Personal & Noticeboard Newsletter December 1992 New Presenter,Radio Heatherwood FM,Feedback,Donation,Etc A4 Original Missing
23 Don Hawkes Noticeboard Roger's Father 1992 Roger's Father Passes Away Suddenly 1992 A4
24 Keith Smith Noticeboard Keith Smith Says farewell 1992 Keith Smith Bids Farewell 1992 A4
25 Reminder Noticeboard Christmas Reminder 1992 Christmas Reminder Voice Box 1992 A4

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1992 Year Sixteen Story Unfolds

1992 was a very busy year for the station management and as the year unfolded there was much to do and organise

For further information about this year:- Follow the links

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