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Keeping Radio Staff Informed 2004

It's 2004 and a total of fifteen briefings including the newsletter are recorded in the archive.


This year a decrease in notices and newsletters for email & Noticeboard.Only Selective important Notices would be printed out for the Noticeboard

The saga over the connection of the patient power terminals rumbled on into this year and dominated the first few months of the news.Rhapsody grew in available material for transmission, a wide selection of different types of music and speech were being added on a regular basis.The Loan Radio Service was ceased and a new training development was implemented.

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Timeline 2004

No Issues Event PDF Link Topics Type
01 News Email News 03.01.2004 No Water,Hospicom,Production PC,Car Park Permits,Rhapsody in 2004,Etc 03.01.2004 A4
02 News Email Water 08.02.2004 Water Restored 08.02.2004 A4
03 News Email Hospicom Question 09.02.2004 Hospicom Question Staff Briefing Update 09.02.2004 A4
04 News Email News 22.02.2004 Hospicom,Station Output Logging,Engineering Room Temperature,Inductive Loop AM Service,Etc 22.02.2004 A4
05 News Email Hospicom The Facts 27.02.2004 An Overview of The Relationship with Hospicom Bedhead Patient Power Company,Etc 27.02.2004 A4
06 News Email Hospicom Additional 29.02.2004 Hospicom Information,Plus First Saturday Ward Rounds After Connection.29.02.2004 A4
07 News Email Hospicom Terminals 01.03.2004 Hospicom Terminals How to Tune A patient In 01.03.2004 A4
08 News Email & Noticeboard Newsletter June 05.06.2004 Changes At The Hospital,Studio Log,Operations Manual,Publicity,Etc 05.06.2004 A4
09 News Email & Noticeboard Newsletter July 16.07.2004 IRN News,Inductive Loop Damage,Studio Two,New Recruits,Etc 16.07.2004 A4
10 News Email & Noticeboard Radio Heatherwood August 2004 Newsletter 20.08.2004 New Recruits,Donation,At The Cinema,Bracknell News,Etc 20.08.2004 A4
11 News Email & Noticeboard Radio Heatherwood October 2004 Newsletter 03.10.2004 New Recruits,Wavecart Making Life Easier,Studio One Mike Arm Broken,Etc 03.10.2004 A4
12 News Email & Noticeboard Radio Heatherwood November 2004 Newsletter 07.11.2004 New Arrivals,Web Site,Heatherwood Development,Local Primary Care Trusts,Studio Move,Etc 07.11.2004 A4
13 News Noticeboard Arrival Departure Checks 14.11.2004 Arrival Departure Studio Checks 14.11.2004 A4
14 News Email & Noticeboard Radio Heatherwood December 2004 Newsletter 04.12.2004 Christmas Shutdown,Departures,Cable Driver 1,ID Pictures,Etc 04.12.2004 A4
15 News Email & Noticeboard December NewsLetter Supplement 10.12.2004 Last Program For Tuesdays,Jingle Xmas 10.12.2004 A4

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2004 Year Twenty Eight Story Unfolds

2004 was a very busy year for the station management and as the year unfolded there was much to do and organise

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