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Keeping Radio Staff Informed 2003

It's 2003 and a total of thirty two briefings including the newsletter are recorded in the archive.


This year a decrease in notices and newsletters for email & Noticeboard.Only Selective important Notices would be printed out for the Noticeboard

Rhapsody and it's introduction dominated the news throughout the year with a lot of technical aspects being discussed from the posts.

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Timeline 2003

No Issues Event PDF Link Topics Type
01 News Email News 4.01.2003 Rhapsody,Victoria Hall Fund,New Presenter,Old Passes,Team Trays,Etc 4.01.2003 A4
02 News Email News 19.01.2003 Email Addresses,Junk Mail,Patient Power,Loan Radio Sponsors,Etc 19.01.2003 A4
03 News Email News 01.02.2003 West Country Invasion,Sylvia's Badge,Rhapsody,Training,Etc 01.02.2003 A4
04 News Email Training Etc 14.02.2003 Training,Studio Use,CD Recorders,PC Problems,Scrubber, Etc 14.02.2003 A4
05 News Email Training etc Addendum 15.02.2003 Saturday Cover,Wavecart Extra's,Cd Library,Virtual Jukebox.Etc 15.02.2003 A4
06 News Email News Etc 23.02.2003 Saturday Cover,Compass,Training Event,Mucky Paws,Etc 23.02.2003 A4
07 News Email 24 Hour Broadcasting 02.03.2003 Donation,Sound Level,New Mike,Newsletter,News Etc 23.02.2003 02.03.2003 A4
08 News Email News Etc 09.03.03 Training,Saturday Cover,Email Addresses,Rhapsody Progress 09.03.03 A4
09 News Email News Etc 16.03.03 Radio Heatherwood Worldwide,New Trainee,Rhapsody Update,Test Transmission Weekend,Etc 16.03.03 A4
10 News Email News 22.03.03 Rhapsody Database,Patient Power,Wavecart/Wavestation,Etc 22.03.03 A4
11 News Email News etc 30.03.03 Patient Power,Rhapsody Press Release,Iraqi War Comments,Loan Radio's,Etc 30.03.03 A4
12 News Email Rhapsody Test Weekend 4 to 7 April 30.03.2003 Rhapsody Test Weekend Details 30.03.2003 A4
13 News Email Hospicom 01.04.2003 Hospicom At Royal Berks 01.04.2003 A4
14 News Email Rhapsody News Etc 12.04.03 Hospicom,Rhapsody Test Weekend,Rhapsody Who Does What,Category Champions, Etc 12.04.03 A4
15 News Email Rhapsody Additional 13.04.2003 Training,Round The Clock,Etc 13.04.2003 A4
16 News Email Cooledit Recording Notes 16.04.2003 Cooledit Notes 16.04.2003 A4
17 News Email News 27.04.2003 etc Hospicom,Cooling,Sink Unit,Information Posters Etc 27.04.2003 etc A4
18 News Email News Etc 04.05.2003 Saturday Cover,League Presentation,Donations,Monitor Speakers,Rhapsody Launch,Etc 04.05.2003 A4
19 News Email News 10.05.03 Saturday Cover,Speakers Studio 1,Rhapsody Training Book,Last Weeks Email,News 10.05.03 A4
20 News Email News 18.05.03 Hospicom,Hospital Help,Donations,Rhapsody Launch Day,Etc 18.05.03 A4
21 News Email News 24.05.2003 New Playlist,Trainee's,Mike Holder,What Happens After The Launch of Rhapsody,Etc 24.05.2003 A4
22 News Email News etc 01.06.2003 Countdown To Rhapsody,Studio Temperature,Thankyou,Etc 01.06.2003 A4
23 News Email News etc 08.06.03 Hospicom,New Playlist,Additions,Water Bottles,Etc 08.06.03 A4
24 News Email Hospicom Connection 08.08.03 Hospicom Connection Hospital Statement 08.08.03 A4
25 News Email Hospicom & Radio Heatherwood Etc 23.08.2003 Hospicom & Radio Heatherwood Statement 23.08.2003 A4
26 News Email Inductive Loop Maintenance 13.09.2003 Rhapsody,Load Of Old Crap,Etc 13.09.2003 A4
27 News Email Studio Issue's 18th October 2003 19.10.2003 Rhapsody,Sink Unit,Playlists,Library Database,Batteries,Etc 19.10.2003 A4
28 News Email New Wave Library Information 25.10.2003 New Wave Library Information,Wavecart Startup,Etc 25.10.2003 A4
29 News Email Sink Installed 26.10.2003 Sink Installation 26.10.2003 A4
30 News Email News 23.11.03 Victoria Hall Trust,Hospicom,Rhapsody,Etc 23.11.03 A4
31 News Email Important Info 29.11.2003 Car Parking, Ward 1 29.11.2003 A4
32 News Email Missing Records 08.12.2003 Missing Records 08.12.2003 A4

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2003 Year Twenty Seven Story Unfolds

2003 was a very busy year for the station management and as the year unfolded there was much to do and organise

For further information about this year:- Follow the links

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