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Keeping Radio Staff Informed 2002

It's 2002 and a total of fifty three briefings including the newsletter are recorded in the archive.


This year an increase in notices and newsletters for email & Noticeboard.The briefings moved to weekly email posts.Only Selective important Notices would be printed out for the Noticeboard

A very busy year for the station engineer as development work on the automated 24 broadcasting service was funded by local charities.Work began in earnest for launch the following June 2003. The picture below features the Cajun Times a volunteer who was involved in this along with her husband named the new twenty four hour service "Rhapsody".

Cajun Times
Laraine Bridges
Rhapsody Name Volunteer

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Timeline 2002

No Issues Event PDF Link Topics Type
01 News Email News Etc January 2002 New Recruits,Volunteers leaflets,Web Site Content,ID Photo's,Etc 19.01.2002 A4
02 News Email Station News Etc 2002 PPL Licence fee,Web Site,Loan Radio Sponsors,Mugs For Giveaway,Etc 26.01.2002 A4
03 News Email News Etc 02.02.2002 Studio One mixer,PPL,Email to HBA,Missing CD,Etc 02.02.2002 A4
04 News Email New Mug Design 2002 New Mug Design 06.02.2002 A4
05 News Email News Etc 10.02.2002 PPL,Engineering Problems,Web Site,Web Site Address,Etc 09.02.2002 A4
06 News Email News W/E 16.02.2002 £225 Donation,CD2 Studio 2,Cassette Decks,Etc 16.02.2002 A4
07 News Email News W/E 23.02.2002 PPL,Loan Radio,CD Care,Email Training,Etc 23.02.2002 A4
08 News Email News W/E 02.03.2002 Jingle Rationalization,Radio Hillingdon,Door Sign,Missing Plaque,Etc 02.03.2002 A4
09 News Email News Etc 16.03.2002 New Mugs,Mug Distribution,Friend of a Friend,Etc 16.03.2002 A4
10 News Email News W/E 24.03.2002 Web Site,Easter,Feedback 24.03.2002 A4
11 News Email News W/E 31.03.2002 Chilton Studio 1,Mugs,Jingle Reminder 31.03.2002 A4
12 News Email News 06.04.2002 Jingle Trailers,Phone Line,Rotary Club Donation,Record Donations 06.04.2002 A4
13 News Email News 20.04.2002 Rotary,Saturday Cover 20.04.2002 A4
14 News Email Hot News Etc 23.04.2002 Heatherwood Development,Victoria Hall Trust 23.04.2002 A4
15 News Email TV, Radio, Phone At The Bedheads 24.04.2002 TV, Radio, Phone At The Bedheads Patient Power Project Briefing 24.04.2002 A4
16 News Email News 27.04.2002 Nathan Smith,New Presenters,Programme Co-ordinator,Our Future 27.04.2002 A4
17 News Email News 04.05.2002 Jennie Says Farewell,New Mugs,Donations Totals 04.05.2002 A4
18 News Email News 11.5.2002 Reminder,New Presenters,Loan Radios,Faith 11.5.2002 A4
19 News Email News Etc 18.05.2002 £125 donation,Saturday Cover,Sunninghill Fuel Allotment Trust Visit,Etc 18.05.2002 A4
20 News Email News 25.05.2002 Jingle 2002 Revision,New Recruits,Loan Radio's,Donation 25.05.2002 A4
21 News Email News 9.6.2002 New Presenters,New Trainee's,Saturday Cover,Etc A4
22 News Email News 30.06.2002 New Recruits,Mugs On The Ward,Bath Hospital Radio Visit,Etc 30.06.2002 A4
23 News Email News Etc 13.07.2002 New Recruit,CD/Record Care,League Gift To Hospital,24 Hour Service,Etc 13.07.2002 A4
24 News Email News Etc 21.07.2002 Missing CD,New Recruits,Sink & Water,Air Conditioners,Etc 21.07.2002 A4
25 News Email News etc 27.07.2002 CD Missing,Keep It Cool,Studio Power On Off,Web Site Stonkers,Etc 27.07.2002 A4
26 News Email News etc 04.08.02 Rhapsody ( 24 Hour Computer Service ) Etc 04.08.02 A4
27 News Email News Etc 10.08.2002 Blind People,Sarah 10.08.2002 A4
28 News Email News 17.08.02 Donations,Smelly Bins,CD874 Returns,Coffee Donation,Etc 17.08.02 A4
29 News Email News Etc 24.08.2002 New Recruits,Patient Power Project,League Meeting,Don't Bang The Doors,Etc 24.08.2002 A4
30 News Email News 31.08.2002 New Presenter,Sinking Feeling,Web Site,Patient Power 31.08.2002 A4
31 News Email News 07.09.2002 Studio One,Sink Installation,Web Address & Domain Registrations 07.09.2002 A4
32 News Email News Etc 14.09.2002 Chilton Mixer Studio One,CD Donation 14.09.2002 A4
33 News Email Patient Power Project Patient Power Project Install Derby A4
34 News Email News Etc 21.09.02 Chilton Studio One,Chilton Studio Two,New Presenters,CD alert,Matthew Message 21.09.02 A4
35 News Email News 28.09.2002 New Recruits,New Applications,Former Volunteer,Email Request,Etc 28.09.2002 A4
36 News Email News 05.10.2002 Ascot Ale Festival,Hurricane Laraine,New Presenters,Playlists,Etc 05.10.2002 A4
37 News Email Hospicom Bedhead System Hospicom Bedhead System,Etc A4
38 News Email News 12.10.02 New Presenters,Studio One Chilton,Mikes Studio One,Etc 12.10.02 A4
39 News Email League AGM Etc 15.10.2002 League AGM Etc 15.10.2002 A4
40 News Email News 19.10.2002 Rhapsody Promotion,Saturday Whirlwind,Temperance Seven,Etc 19.10.2002 A4
41 News Email News 28.10.02 Patient Power Project Meeting 28.10.02 A4
42 News Email News 02.11.2002 Patient Power,New Ward 16,Alan Holder,Etc 02.11.2002 A4
43 News Email News 09.11.02 Patient Power,ID Badges,Car Park permits,Etc 09.11.02 A4
44 News Email News 16.11.02 New Recruits,New Presenter,Christmas Drink,Rhapsody 16.11.2002 A4
45 News Email Rhapsody 21.11.2002 Rhapsody Our Future ?( It’s in Our Interest ) A4
46 News Email News 23.11.2002 Studio Door,Ascot Fire Brigade Trust,Rhapsody Progress,Press Coverage of Rhapsody,Etc 23.11.2002 A4
47 News Email News Update 26.11.2002 Patient Power,Rhapsody 26.11.2002 A4
48 News Email News 30.11.2002 Christmas Fillers,Email Requests,Thursday Train Spotters Club,Rhapsody,Etc 30.11.2002 A4
49 News Email News Supplement 01.12.2002 Mugs,Saturday Cover 01.12.2002 A4
50 News Email News 07.12.2002 New Recruits,Rhapsody Progress,Train spotters Club,Missing CD,Etc 07.12.2002 A4
51 News Email News 14.12.2002 New Presenter,Radiators,Government Health Warning,Car Park Permits,Etc 14.12.2002 A4
52 News Email Meter Levels & Recording 15.12.2002 Meter Levels & Recording Observations 15.12.2002 A4
53 News Email Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 25.12.2002 Merry Christmas Message 25.12.2002 A4

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2002 Year Twenty Six Story Unfolds

2002 was a very busy year for the station management and as the year unfolded there was much to do and organise

For further information about this year:- Follow the links

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