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Keeping Radio Staff Informed 2001

It's 2001 and a total of twenty four briefings including the newsletter are recorded in the archive.


This year an increase in notices and newsletters for email & Noticeboard.Only Selective important Notices would be printed out for the Noticeboard

This year started with the final tasks in the move of the radio station from the previous summer. Official opening and 25 years of Radio Heatherwood.Ill health for the Radio secretary delayed the start of some projects.We spent time this year investigating the introduction of 24 hour broadcasting.

Studio Two
Summer House

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Timeline 2001

No Issues Event PDF Link Topics Type
01 News Email Studio Two On Air 2001 Studio Two On Air 06.01.2001 A4
02 News Email On Air Promotion 2001 Promotion of Websites 14.01.2001 A4
03 News Email Studio Update Etc 2001 Studio One Listening,Donations,Batteries,Web Site Update,Studio Update Etc 14.01.2001 A4
04 News Email Loan Radios & Sponsors 2001 Loan Radios & Sponsors Survey 21.01.2001 A4
05 News Email And In The End Etc 2001 Web Site Update,Temperature Chart,Windows Open,PJ Back On-Air,Etc 04.02.2001 A4
06 News Email Studio One Etc 2001 Studio One,Studio Two,Loan Radio's,Etc 30.7.2001 A4
07 News Email What Makes The Clock Tick Etc 2001 Studio One On-Air,Loan Radio's,Studio 1 & 2 Talkback,Warning,Etc 20.08.2001 A4
08 News Email Good News Week Etc 2001 Studio One Mixer,Temperature,Studio Rotation,Outside Light,Etc 16.04.2001 A4
09 News Email Studio Progress Etc 2001 Speed Dial,Election Broadcasts,League Web Site,Etc 08.05.2001 A4
10 News Email Foot N Mouth Election 2001 Radio Authority Guidelines 09.05.2001 A4
11 News Email Ramblings From The Secretary 2001 Two New Aerials,Loan Radio Leaflet,News Desk,Rear Door Alarm,Etc 10.06.2001 A4
12 News Email How Are We Perceived 2001 Press Articles,Etc 16.06.2001 A4
13 News Email New Trainees Etc 2001 Min-disc,Email List,Web Site,Etc 06.07.2001 A4
14 News Email New Arrival Etc 2001 Cooling,Water,Mini-Disc Instructions,Donation,Email,Etc 12.08.2001 A4
15 News Email Web Site Makeover 2001 Web Site Makeover,Etc 25.08.2001 A4
16 News Email Web Site Posted 2001 Web Site Makeover Posted 01.09.2001 A4
17 News Email Our Future 2001 24 Hour Broadcasting Commitment 21.09.2001 A4
18 News Email General Info 2001 Loan Radio's 23.09.2001 A4
19 News Email The Role of PC's In The Future of Heatherwood 2001 The Role of PC's In The Future of Heatherwood 23.09.2001 A4
20 News Email Long Service Etc 2001 Long Service Awards,Business Cards,Volunteers Leaflets,Day to Day,Etc 20.10.2001 A4
21 News Email Volunteers Etc 2001 Personal Details,Volunteers,Donation 03.11.2001 A4
22 News Email Info Email Etc 2001 £10 Donation,Operations Manual,Christmas Shutdown 11.11.2001 A4
23 News Email Bruce Says Goodbye Etc 2001 Jingles Mini-disc,Computer Viruses,Etc 01.12.2001 A4
24 News Email Merry Christmas Etc 2001 Temperature Chart,Car Park Permits,Cable Cut,Monday Nights,Etc 01.12.2001 A4

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2001 Year Twenty Five Story Unfolds

2001 was a very busy year for the station management and as the year unfolded there was much to do and organise

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