Radio Heatherwood in the 2010's

Look Back to the 2010's Decade
for the Hospital Radio

The 2010's started in optimistic mode, as we remained positive for the outcome of the radio and the hospital.

Our optimism was un-founded as the decade developed, the hospital was to be saved but the radio was to be lost.

Some events that shaped the 2010's:-

In 2012 the radio service provided wi-fi for ward 4 orthopaedic and the radio service could be heard on smartphones or internet radio's provided on the ward.

2015 into 2016 saw the introduction of a service on the internet for listening directly to the hospital radio service.

As the year 2016 came to an end, so did the radio as the lease was not renewed by Frimley Health Trust. In it's fortieth year, the radio station and it's volunteers were consigned to history.

A look back at the decade with hindsight in 2022.

The radio and the League of Friends were both casualties of the financial pressures on the hospital and subsequent ward closing,sealed the fete for the charity, which had been serving the hospital since 1958.

The 2010's start here.

A Decade of Development 2010's

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Some photo memories from 2010 - 2017

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