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The radio service ceased broadcasting in December 2016.

PJ Davidson-Smith Saturdays.
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During it's history a large quantity of recordings from reel to reel, cassette, mini-disc and mp3 have been amassed.

In this archive you will find station promotions,promotion of local services, presenters programs, members of the public at fetes, interviewees from the children's show WD2 in the 1980's, celebrities and also members of hospital staff.

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Since the closure of the radio, work has been underway to convert and clean up all the recordings and make them into mp3's. After 18 months this has now been completed and the archive stands at just over 9900 mp3's.

We are now ready to offer access to these recordings, for all those who may think they could be in the archive.

We have produced a database which we can search for recordings by whoever comes forward.

A direct search option is now available.

On-Line Search

A new enquiry form has been created and access from this page will allow you to send an enquiry to the secretary who is maintaining the records.

If we find any content, an email will be sent to you with a PDF attached detailing your request.

On-Line Enquiry

The managing of the on-line form is by google forms,information is not collected by this web site.

PJ Davidson-Smith

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