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Radio Heatherwood Tribute to Roger Hawkes

Roger Hawkes Radio Volunteer 1988-2008

On Thursday 26th March a dear friend and volunteer to the radio signed off for the last time. In recent years Roger's health had caused a number of complications and these finally got the better of him.

We send our Sincere Condolences to Roger's Family.

It's a sad time for us as Roger was instrumental in raising funds for the radio service, staff training and telling those well-known stonkers as he called them.

Long Service Awards

Roger joined the radio in May 1988 and had three spells with the radio during the twenty year period. He was awarded a number of long service certificates 5 Years (Certificate Awarded 1993), 3 Years (Certificate Awarded 1998), 5 Years (Certificate Awarded 2001), 10 Years (Certificate Awarded 2005).

Roger's last regular attendance was September 2008 and by the following May he called it a day. Overall he completed 19.5 years with Radio Heatherwood.

Broadcast Nights

Over his time with us, he broadcast on many different nights and was an accomplished broadcaster and Team-leader. If you were invited to join him on his show, you sat in the spare mike chair at your peril, as you never knew just what he might spring on you. The patients loved his programme's and the ward staff were also pleased to see him. He was a natural entertainer on the air and off, as the gags/jokes would come thick and fast.

His personal vices were Chelsea football team, Horse racing and telling stonkers.

At a time whenever you needed cheering up, Roger was your Man.

Video/Audio Archive

The first video with sound is the tribute video posted on facebook, it carries some personal gags by Roger and all the photo’s held in the radio Archive.

Note June 2023

A new high definition version of the tribute video has been added to the Radio Heatherwood YouTube site.


Roger Hawkes Radio Volunteer
1988-2008 ( 2023 Revision)


Video's 2-5 were Rhapsody content created by Roger in 2003 for the new 24 hour service. Roger came into the studio along with Alan Holder and recorded over an hour of gags which were edited and added to Rhapsody.

Video 6 is Sound bites from a Tuesday evening show 04/01/2005,this captures the nature of his show.

“We will miss you Ravishing”

RIP Roger Hawkes 1959-2020

Radio Heatherwood Presenter Roger Hawkes Voluntary Service 1988-2008

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Other content from Roger including the famous Grand Draw Jingles, can be found on the following page.

1993 Promotion & Press Coverage

"This is RH signing off from RH, until the next time"

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