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Rhapsody A Presenters View(2006)

Rhapsody Testimonial

Hi my name is Sylvia Dungate and I have been a Tuesday night presenter on Radio Heatherwood for ten years. When I first knew we were to broadcast a 24hours service to the Hospital I thought great, a real tonic for the patients. Then when I thought about it and found out what it entailed, panic started to set in.

What did I know about computers, not a lot, let alone being able to record programme's and jingles but gradually with expert tuition from our technical genius things started to make sense and I found I was enjoying recording the jingles and programme trailers.

One thing is certain though it’s not as easy as it seems. I don’t think the presenters role has changed a lot although I must admit that every Tuesday evening is a challenge now.

Our priorities haven’t changed, visiting the wards, chatting to the patients and staff and collecting requests after all that’s what Hospital Radio is all about and why we became volunteers in the first place. The main change of course is that we now have a good 24 hour sustaining service to offer the patients.

Sylvia Dungate.
Our Own Jewel.

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I must admit that after looking at the programme's on offer I almost felt tempted to come in as a patient just to listen. Some say “technology is a wonderful thing”, sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t, but in regard to our 24 hour service named Rhapsody I must agree it is.

Sylvia Dungate (2003)


Sylvia remained as a volunteer until Sept 2008, producing a number of Jingles and promotions for the rhapsody service.On the final days broadcast, Sylvia returned with her husband Terry to rekindle some old memories.

Rhapsody The Patients Choice 2003 till 2016

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