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Rhapsody Automated Transmission Computer & Software

Sustaining Service Rhapsody

When Radio Heatherwood was not broadcasting its live programs using presenters we used an automated program system delivered by a computer. The service was known as Rhapsody. This delivered music news and information 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Rhapsody was first introduced in April 2003 and began transmissions from 4pm till Midnight. In June 2003 the service moved to 24 hours a day.

Radio Heatherwood used the system to deliver music, to be informative and entertaining. Rhapsody would choose from a library of music news and information items.

Rhapsody was a local hospital community based service for the patients of Heatherwood.

The patients who had short stays at Heatherwood would be unaware of hospital community services and facilities which were available to them. Rhapsody kept them up to date with all the news and information whilst they were in Heatherwood Hospital.

Rhapsody had been delivering music news and Information for over 13 years. Rhapsody delivered information supporting age concern, Bracknell Foster-pet scheme, ostomates support group, Durning library, minor injuries unit and info on the NHS direct services. Patients were also able to meditate each night at 11 and were treated to poetry and famous sonnets delivered by famous actors/actresses.

The Rhapsody service was funded by Ascot Fire Brigade Trust, Sunninghill Fuel Allotment Trust and The League of Friends of Heatherwood. Our thanks go out to them for their generosity and support.

Rhapsody Program Schedule 2016

Launched in 2003 the program schedule had only one major overhaul,some programs remained in their original allocated time slots.The content of the programs reflected the diversity of listeners.

Radio Programme Times


The software behind the Rhapsody service was BSIUSA Simian 1.7 pro, this was changed to 2.1 Simian lite as we needed to send a signal to the internet.

Broadcast Software International(Simian)

Rhapsody The Patients Choice 2003 till 2016

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