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Only On Hospital Radio

Hospital radio has been established at over 400 hospitals in the UK since the 1920's. It was established to provide entertainment for patients. The hospital radio services around the UK are providing a mixture of music request programs and sporting commentaries from local football grounds, also outside broadcasts from local venue's and events are being brought to the bed head of every patient.

Over 90 years of service to the NHS it has proven to aid recovery for patients and has been used to raise much needed funds for hospitals.

The majority of hospital radio's were born out of the need to provide some sort of entertainment for patients who would have long stay's in hospitals.

The old style bed head listening systems and even some of the modern ones gave hospital radio a captive audience.

Now move the clock forward over 90 years and now a patient can be in and out in a day, day surgery takes over. There is cases of patients being in for longer stays but this is not the norm.

Access to music is now available on smart phones,iPod,ipads,laptops and a plethora of electronic devices. Social networks like facebook keep everyone connected at all times of the day.

If a hospital radio service is to survive and maintain a listenership it needs to be at the bedhead, be it with the expensive television unit or on the internet delivering by streaming to smart devices.

Hospital radio works, when you are stood at the bedside chatting with the patient and delivering a one to one service at the bedside and on the air.

Radio Heatherwood on The Wards

Radio Heritage
Katie Ayers Presents Bruce Dunsford With the 1st 50 Years League Of Friends Golden Jubilee Mug(2008)
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The aim of the Radio Heatherwood volunteers was to bring a visitor to the bedside of patients each evening and too provide a little light entertainment for those in need. We also aimed to raise funds for the League of Friends ensuring continued support for Heatherwood Hospital and it's Staff.

Music and laughter and a visitor at the bedside, a great aid to a speedy recovery.

Radio Heatherwood played music from the 1950’s right up to the present day as well as comedy three times a day, and spoken word including poetry and short stories. We also played the classics.

At 11pm and 1am most nights, we had our meditation sessions for those having trouble relaxing.

During our live sessions we would play patients choice of requests and dedications, as well as bringing local news and information.

In addition we took requests from members of the hospital staff.

Why Has Radio Heatherwood Stopped Broadcasting ?

Our ability to be at the bedside had been removed,the hospital trust are concentrating on day surgery and competition for listeners is a race that the hospital radio can't win.

The hospital radio service stopped broadcasting in December 2016, after forty years of funding by the League of friends,Frimley Health Trust have not renewed the lease for the league's radio station premises,therefore providing us with no choice but to close the hospital radio.

Radio Heatherwood ceased broadcasting on 3rd December 2016 at 10AM

1976 till 2016
40 Years of Service To The Patients and Staff of Heatherwood Hospital

Only on hospital radio can you experience the warmth of patient contact, prior to broadcast.

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