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Heatherwood Nurses


The nurses of Heatherwood

Medicine needs it’s pills and potions

Including bandages, stitches and lotions.  


But as well as that there’s another need

Of patient care by a special breed.

Of dedicated staff and nurses

That love and care, despite our curses.


That tend to every bell and call

For any item big or small.  


And if in healing we find a friend

So greater is the rate we mend.  


It’s in these wards we find these friends

Their care and love help speed those mends.  


Professional staff in every way

But still with sense of fun and play.  


Nursing's their job so our thanks we send

But most of all

Thankyou, for being our friends.  

Ed the Ted for the patients in bed

“Alias the Telephone man “ Ed December 2001.

Ed the Ted Feedback

The radio station always valued it's feedback, it received from patients.

The above article was first published on our main web site.

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