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Ode to Heatherwood

By Jo Clements Ward 4

This ward is very friendly,

There is much laughter here,

And, though we’re rather poorly,

There’s always lots of cheer.


The nurses with their bedpans,

Running to and fro-

For all of these confined to bed,

Who really need to go.


There’s the ladies with their trolleys,

Bringing cups of tea,

Or ovaltine or chocolate hot,

And coffee just for me.


There are smiling, nice young ladies,

Who will assist you to have a wash,

They’ll even push the wheelchair,

If you want to travel posh.


The nurses and the doctor,

Are all so full of care,

For this is Heatherwood Hospital,

And I’m glad that I am here.

Jo Clements October 2002.

Jo Clements Feedback

The radio station always valued it's feedback, it received from patients.

The above article was first published on our main web site.

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