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Radio Heatherwood 2016 In Camera

Radio Heatherwood over the years has been able to capture it's history on film and audio. 2016 is no different than previous years with the major event of the station in the throws of a closedown. All captured on still or video.

We realised by the end of June,that is was more than likely that we would have to move, and so not to leave everything to the last minute,we would capture the studio's before the packing up started.

Changing Rooms

The first pictures were captured on the 2nd July, the changing state of the rooms was captured until the last pictures on 31st December 2016. We have include here some background information to the rooms and what they were used for.

At the bottom of the page, we have included a video player and taken all the still photo's showing the changing stages of the studio's and compiled video's for each room of the studio.

Radio Heatherwood Dismantle Video's

2016 Year Forty Diary

2016 Year Forty Story Unfolds

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Radio Heatherwood 2016 In Camera

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