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2016 Year Forty September

2016 Summary of Events Part 5

The month of September was a busy time for the station as the 3 month broadcasting began on the 3rd and throughout the month daily promotions were made. In addition a further flurry of activity to the trust to try and secure discussions on the future of the radio.

Stories and snippets of information taken from the staff newsletter and from behind the scenes.

It's September 2016, the story unfolds:-

September 2016


  1. 2ndMusic requests facebook page.
    Music requests facebook page published along with help videos.
  2. ©RadioHeritage
    Radio Heatherwood Music requests September Launch
    Created in early January the page is finally published today along with four help videos and access to make requests.

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  4. 3rdForty not out update facebook.

    Following on from Pete's(PJ)report in June.

  5. I applied as licensee on behalf of the station for all the relevant licenses to enable the station to officially be able to broadcast on the internet. On our 40th birthday, we were granted all licenses to broadcast.
  6. The station has been running a test stream for some time, although the broadcast will be heard anywhere through the internet, the station does not seek to provide a service to anyone other than patients and staff and their relatives. Radio Heatherwood remains true to its hospital roots.
  7. As mentioned in PJ's report much depends on our current and future premises. Sadly we received a letter to leave the premises, our lease expired, we were given an extended notice period of 6 months as the trust fully appreciated the size of the station to be dismantled.
  8. The premises to be vacated, by 31st December 2016.
  9. We had hoped to be in our premises until the bulldozers moved in, this being around late 2018, as the new hospital is to be built first. It was hoped that talks about the radio in the new hospital would be all done by then. A meeting has been agreed in principle but as yet no date has been set.
  10. As the station consists of 2 broadcast studios, engineering, library & production, we have already dismantled the second studio and the vinyl library has gone.
  11. It does sadly look like Radio Heatherwood is to be consigned to the history books; it is our belief that the provision of hospital radio in the new hospital has not been considered, along with national trends, hospital radio survives in the larger general multi-ward hospitals only.
  12. We have always had to rely on third parties for the way in which our listeners can hear us, at a point of being masters of our own broadcast delivery through modern technology, we now have to close.
  13. For PJ and I who have advanced the station to this point over 37yrs of the 40yrs broadcasting, now having to undo this work is devastating.
  14. We have decided that we should go ahead with the internet broadcasting albeit for a shorter time than envisaged.
  16. Radio Heatherwood will be broadcasting on the internet, for the patients and staff and relatives.Just type in Radio Heatherwood into your internet browser and click on the rhapsody/listen menu links.If you have not heard hospital radio before, tune in, listen and find out.
  17. When the station closes on Saturday 3rd of December, Ward 4 will also loose the well used Rhapsody Wi-Fi service, including the day room listening facilities and closure will also render the loan internet radio's useless on the ward, with no premises to house and operate the Wi-Fi, there will be no choice.
  18. If we are to be forty and Out, we have at least achieved the ultimate goal, a fitting tribute to all the volunteers work over these 40 years.
  19. The friendships of patients and ward staff the support of local businesses and voluntary organizations and of course many local sponsors have all played their part in the history of a dearly loved hospital radio service Radio Heatherwood.
  20. David Smith (station manager) With P J Davidson-smith (secretary & engineer), Ian Butcher (Team Leader)
  21. 3rdRadio Heatherwood program promotion.
    On the musicrequest facebook page regular promotions are published. Today three shows for 9pm 10pm 11pm are promoted.
  22. 4thRhapsody program Sunday guide promo.
    What's on Radio Heatherwood's Rhapsody service today? Sunday.
  23. 4thEmail letter to trust director.
    After 40 years, Radio Heatherwood has been asked to leave the site by the end of December. We had hoped to still be on site until the bulldozers moved in, which is still a year or two away, sadly this is not to be. The Full story is on our facebook page, Radio Heatherwood, Forty not out and update articles.
  24. Ward 4, When this ward moved to the old 10, the bed head entertainment units had previously been removed, their manner of removal meant re-install would not be an option. I'm not sure that it was yourself or a colleague that approached us to see if we could do something. We researched the best way to do this and came up with Rhapsody Wi-Fi, which provided not only secure connectivity to the internet, also three radio stations including ourselves. Five loan internet radio's were put out on the ward, especially useful to older patients, or patients with older phones etc.
  25. Since 2012 it has been well used, funding of £6,500 by our parent body the League of Friends was money well spent, free to patients and staff, an average 14 connect each day. Our staff visit the ward and help patients to connect to the Wi-Fi, and supply free headphones, whether they end up listening to us or not, they are connected to the world and families etc.
  26. We are currently reducing our studio complex down to one studio, internet equipment including the Wi-Fi, which will take a month maximum to disconnect and remove. On our current given timescale by the trust, this final stage will commence when we close down broadcasts on the 3rd December.
  27. Once we disconnect and remove the equipment including Wi-Fi repeater stations on the ward, the patients will have limited access on the Heatherwood Guest Wi-Fi, or phones etc on 4g.
  28. Rhapsody Wi-Fi is still very popular, once it is turned off, there is likely to be some upset over it, and the reason of this email is to inform you how this has all come about.
  29. After asking around I was given your name as the person with regards to Heatherwood facilities and the person who will need to know. Apologies if this information is not correct, if this is the case, perhaps you know the person this should be forwarded too. Please do share/forward to anyone you feel should be aware.
  30. 4thEmail to trust project manager.
    To update you, we have reduced our studio complex equipment wise to one studio, plus internet equipment including ward 4 Wi-Fi equipment, this would take a month to remove. We are broadcasting on the internet as well now, albeit just three months. We are working to the original timescale, so broadcasts will finish on Sat 3rd December, all equipment out by end of December.
  31. The last time we spoke, you were to attend a meeting about where the trust was with the Heatherwood Site, bearing in mind a much used Rhapsody Wi-Fi facility will go when we do, it would be an advantage to the Trust and ourselves for us to remain for as long as we can, should the redevelopment timetable slip.
  32. We would be happy to remain as tenants at will, to such times as no time is left. we have as a radio and League of Friends, always seen ourselves as guests of the hospital.The current full story behind the scenes, Forty not out and update article with pictures are on our Radio Heatherwood Facebook page.
  33. 5thRhapsody weekday guide promo.
    What's on Radio Heatherwood's Rhapsody service today?.
  34. 8thHow to tune in on Radio Heatherwood.
    Every Saturday Morning between 9 and 12 a chance to send a request or dedication to a member of staff or patient at Heatherwood.
  35. 8thHow to make a request on Radio Heatherwood.
    Use our facebook app to submit your song request from this page or visit our website.
  36. ©RadioHeritage
    Facebook Make A Request
    The music request web page had the facility to send requests to the live studio presenters. A web form filled in, would arrive at the studio email once completed.

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  38. 8thEmail from trust project manager.
    After a number of emails were exchanged they finally agree a date in October to meet us.
  39. 3rd September to October 2ndForty one promotions on facebook page.
    After the new facebook page had been launched at the beginning of September, it was decided to try and promote the program schedule every day and so throughout the month of September and into October each program details were posted.
  40. Too many to show here so a separate page has been created just follow the link:-
  41. facebook September promotions
  42. 29thLetter from trust rep to league.Invitation to the league to attend afternoon tea.
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