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2001 Year Twenty Five

2001 Summary of Events

Stories and snippets of information taken from the staff newsletter and from behind the scenes.

A look back at 2001 at Radio Heatherwood and all the events of the year.

The previous years major event of the studio move was the dominating factor of the first half of the year.

The finishing touches to the studio move would be completed and this would be celebrated with an official opening in June. Staff recruitment and the work on the 24 hour service was to continue, in addition the development of the web site continued.

Poor health of the station engineer would delay the completion of some projects and prevent attendance for the official opening.

This revision of 2001 will now include all the other deeds and events which took place in this year.

PJ Davidson-Smith June 2011

January to March

On the 6th January, studio two was completed and now back in service after the move.

In January a survey was carried out to identify how many loan radio's could be found on the wards. The result showed only 103 out of a possible 246.

Five new loan radio's are released to the wards in January.

A new request form was released this month.

A member of the radio staff donated the money for ten loan radio's, but wish to remain anonymous.

The finishing touches are added to the studio's in January with the addition of the picture frames to the reception and the laying of the floor tiles in both broadcast studio's.

In February a confidential report is drawn up about the studio move and passed to the chairman and members of the league. It details the problems and issues raised during our dealings with the hospital. It was decided that this would be shelved and not passed to the hospital at this stage.

Loan Radio Leaflet 2001.
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On the third of March the last of the tasks is completed for the studio move.

In March the Victoria hall trust cover the radio's licence fees once again.

A revision is made to the project folders for Low power AM.

The stations security instructions for staff is revised taking into consideration our new location.

Once again the builders cut one of the inductive loop cables feeding wards 4 & 5 by the old special care baby unit.

This month the station bid farewell to Ada Hawkes as she retires and moves away.

Loan radio leaflet 2001.
Inside information.

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15 loan radios are put out on the wards this month.

On the 26th March members of the league committee pay a visit to the studio to review the completion.

The web site celebrates it's first birthday and shows over 400 visitors have viewed the site.

April to June

On the 17th April Peter Davidson-Smith and Dave Smith are nominated for the Parish people awards by chairman of the league Roy Ryman.

£822 is spent on replacement faders and parts for the studio one chilton mixer.

In May an automated broadcast promotion leaflet is designed and made available to be used to gain sponsors.

A health problem for the station engineer incapacitates him preventing any movement or work.

Official opening.
Matthew & Jenni are photographed.

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The first week of June and wards 4 & 5 gain new aerials to relieve night time interference.

On the 9th June the station celebrates it's twenty fifth birthday and the official opening of the complex takes place. Continuing health problems prevent the studio engineer from attending. The broadcast day is organized by Matthew Robinson and Bruce Crosland.

A revision is made to the loan radio leaflet to include more sponsors.

The new premises are causing temperature problems for the staff.Thermometers placed in each of the rooms are monitored from Oct 2000 until June 2001 and the results discussed at a league meeting, with the view to obtain some solutions.

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2001 Year Twenty Five Story Unfolds

2001 was a very busy year for the station management and as the year unfolded there was much to do and organise

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Patient Feedback


A number of letters were received this year from grateful patients

2001 The Story Continues!

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