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2000 Time To Say Goodbye

The Story Behind the Last Record Played From Our Old Studio !

When the first concrete evidence arrived to say that the radio premises would have to be moved we were gob smacked.

We just couldn't believe that we would be moving our services from one side of the hospital to the other.

All the work and effort by ourselves and our predecessors would be swept away to make room for the new SEBDOC( South East Berkshire Doctors on call ) facility.

The year was flying by and although we were very much involved in the development of the new facilities, it was as if we were in a dream.

When the fateful day had been set and arrived I was still thinking that maybe they would change their minds and we might get a stay of execution,sadly no and the studio would be closed.

A special set of programs was devised for the last day of broadcasting. As the special broadcast day came to an end, it was down to Matthew Robinson to complete the end game.

On the run up to the last day we were all asked to think of the last record to be played. In the end we were all surprised when Matthew played “Time to say goodbye” as the final record. The record was the perfect choice and as the record played, our thoughts turned to the studio's and the good times now passed.

The video below was filmed by Dave Smith on the day and with the help of the Heatherwood archives, we have chosen some of those events and faces which shaped the development of the radio from 1976 to 2000.

PJ Davidson-Smith June 2011

In 2014 the video was updated from flash to mp4.

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2000 Time to Say Goodbye

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This video is just one of the many video's available detailing the radio stations history, a number of video's, can be viewed on our You Tube channel:-

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A fresh look has been taken at the original video and we have here included the new update which identifies all of the years for the images and the events/names.

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2000 Year Twenty Four Story Unfolds

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2000 The story continues !

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