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1995 Room With A View

Radio Heatherwood's Plea For More Space

The project started in late 1994 continued into the new year with a large portion of construction work being carried over the Christmas and new year period. As the months rolled on work continued by the secretary mainly, with some assistance from the manager on the painting.

The provision of a work top area which would allow tea making facilities.
The first of the tasks carried out along with the new ceiling and lights.

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The room with a view project was not just about providing the additional room it was also about changing the shape of the library and studio one to make more space for CD's and records. The work on this part of the studio's was also added to the workload. In addition studio two was to get a new suspended ceiling. Room With A View Video

As the year progressed and funds trickled in we were able to complete all the construction changes and able to provide some soft furnishings in the new room. By the end of June the room was integrated with the rest of the facilities and a new fresher environment was available for the presenters.

We weren't able to raise all the funds for the project a shortfall of £1200 prevented us from completing the project to our goal.

The finished facilities offering much needed space for visitors and presenters now offers a facility to relax and if necessary take a drink.

The end of the days of working in a broom cupboard, We can now move into the lounge.

P.J.Davidson-Smith Secretary

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Room With A View 1994 - 1995 Gallery

Some captured moments of the construction,during this year.



1995 Room With A View Reception


Studio 2

Studio 1

1995 Year Nineteen Story Unfolds

1995 was a very busy year for the station management and as the year unfolded there was much to do and organise

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An update on the new room progress

At the end of May the Prince Philip Trust donated £500 towards the project at the same time recommending an associate charity to also assist, which added another £250 to an overall total now of £4822.61. The outstanding total £1152.40 still to be raised; will pay for furniture etc. This addition of funds has provided us with the necessary capital to finish all activity concerning the new room.

New look reception showing new window to studio one and worktop.
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On Saturday 15 July the final refurbishment work was completed. The entire premises has now undergone a refurbishment/integration with the new reception. A total of 524 hours has been spent on the work by the secretary since December last year with about as half as much again being spent by the treasurer.The radio staff were allowed access to the new room from the 8th July and it is now in constant use.

The league committee had a preview of the new studios and what had been achieved on 31st July, prior to the committee meeting starting.

A Room With A View ( 1995 ) End Game

The project “Room with a view” was the last of the changes to the rooms allocated to the radio station on the ground floor of the maternity.

The new layout made a tremendous difference to the feel of the rooms with a welcoming feel to the studio, it also allowed staff to make tea's or coffee's for the first time since the radio station was started.

The original rooms were very stuffy and the temperature would rise quite quickly. The addition of the new reception room and the facility of additional windows ensured a fresh atmosphere throughout the complex.

After all the work had been completed and we sat back to benefit from our facilities we were happy that we now had achieved a good working environment for our volunteers and a place to proud of which was worthy of visitors and supporters to come and spend some time with us.

Who would have thought that within five years we would be vacating the entire complex ?.

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1995 The Story Continues!

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