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1995 Year Nineteen

1995 Summary of Events

Stories and snippets of information taken from the staff newsletter and from behind the scenes.

A look back at 1995 at Radio Heatherwood and all the events of the year.

January to March

Over the Christmas new year period PJ spent all of his holiday on the major construction work to studio one and the library, as part of the room with a view project.

The presenters newsletter continues to inform the staff of the day to day news about the station. The newsletter however has now been changed and will only appear every two month's.

The new year sees a crop of thank you letters to the radio station.

Ethel a former patient writes:- 7/1 Thank you for lots of pleasure I've had from your little radio I'm passing it onto the next bed, just a little donation enclosed £5.

Karen McBrien writes:- Thank you very much for making my stay in Heatherwood hospital more enjoyable by playing our records over the radio for Eleanor ( Born 13.12.94 ) and myself and the christening mug given to me on ward 6. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy Christmas and peaceful New year. enclosed £5.

Jessica Godliman writes:- Dear Radio Heatherwood I Enclose £5 towards your funds. I was a patient for 41/2 weeks in ward 5 and I can't thank you enough for the lovely music you played for everyone it really kept me going in my stay there. The way you put the program and requests out are great. Keep up the good work, best wishes to you all.

Francine writes:- I would like to say how much I enjoyed the request you played for me on Saturday 4th February you managed to find an excellent version of “bewitched” thanks to your DJ. It really gave me a lift also I know how much the Andy Williams record was enjoyed by another lady on the ward she was thrilled. Thank you for an excellent service. Yours Sincerely Francine Heastie.

Tony Gardener

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A patient on ward ten recently has a novel way of disposing of flat batteries in his radio he puts the radio in the rubbish bag. An eagle eyed domestic found two radios in the rubbish.

In early February a message on the grapevine network from the hospital staff informed us that ward nine was about to be demolished and moved to Wexham. Panic set in and a frantic phone call to the on site electrician confirmed our worst fears as a ward would be demolished and with it the cable network for the inductive loop service. The hospital didn't consult us, the result was a bill for £350 to repair the cable network for cable run 2.

On the 10th February sweethearts ball 3 took place at the Turnberry suite at blue mountain golf club £302 profit is realised from the ball.

On the 22nd February David and PJ attended a meeting with Frank Johnson and Chris Burke to discuss the radio systems and obtain a commitment from the hospital in maintaining the am service on the wards during any building alterations. Frank Johnson said he could see no reason why the cost of any alterations to the am service should not be included in the project cost of the associated building work. He agreed to accept responsibility for the damage to ward 9.

A discussion took place over the future of both systems and Frank Johnson said he was committed to providing the bedhead system in any new builds as he felt this was expected. A suggestion was made to move the bedhead system rack from the plant room in the EMI building to Radio Heatherwood's studio and scrap the existing unit which is almost twenty years old. The idea is Radio Heatherwood provides the manpower whilst the hospital pays for the cost of parts etc. It is also suggested that a new link be provided to re-instate the bedhead system on ward ten.

The cable for ward ten was cut in 1988. An estimate of the cost and feasibility study will be submitted to the hospital shortly. There was no definite commitment to install the am service in any new builds, but Frank Johnson did indicate a willingness to keep us informed of any major changes which might affect the am service.

Room with a view
The new tea making facilities.

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On Monday 20th March Gordon Young posted his resignation through David's door. After a long absence because of work commitments and additional family commitments Gordon has no option but to resign from the station and the League. Gordon Joined Radio Heatherwood in June 1988 and was an enthusiastic supporter to the radio station taking on the role of team leader studio manager and trainee officer.

A new batch of radios has been allocated to the wards bringing the total to 165 on the wards. In addition to the new units, those numbers which were listed as unknown have been allocated new units. This raises the total on each of the wards to 33 units.

Lesley Reports 31/3:- Colin took a £10 donation from a gentlemen on ward 10 called Richard Pearce. He would like the money to be used for a loan radio in memory of his wife Mary Pearce who died in Heatherwood on 6th April 1994. He was obviously quite upset and really wanted the money to be used for this purpose as his wife had worked at the hospital and been involved with Heatherwood for a long time.

On Monday 20th March Lee Henty was appointed Studio Manager. Lee joined Radio Heatherwood in September 1989.

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April to June

Dolly Macro who was in Ward 10 22/4 becomes the 168th loan radio sponsor donating £10 and congratulating the radio station for it's splendid service.

Sunninghill Parish Council 25/4 confirmed their support for our work on room with a view, with a donation of £250 for the project.

Winkfield Parish Council true to their word have donated £100 to the Room with a view project. 4/5.

Mr & Mrs Hearmon of North Ascot 20/4 donated some albums.

Room With A View.
The new look cd library shows the link through studio 1 to our new reception room.

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The station welcomes Ian Haskell to Fridays 12/5.

Peter Barnes a former patient in Heatherwood in November 94 popped into the studio 2/6 to drop off some records for us.

Jane Castle of Bullbrook Bracknell 2/6 donated some excellent records and CD's for the studios.

Norman & Hilda Evans of the RHSG donated their ticket money from the Charity Buzz. Norman was unable to go due to illness but they still wanted the money to come to us.

Mina ( Dorina Cunningham-Brown )on ward 4 6/6 donated £10 for a new loan radio. One year ago when Mina was on ward 5 she donated £10 for a loan radio ( 152 ). Tuesdays collected the donation.

On Saturday 10/6/95 a large box of tapes was left for the studio from Lilian Harfield of Hanworth Bracknell. This is the second time the station has benefited from her support.

On Saturday 17/6 Malcolm Howard on ward 3 donated £10. This gave Saturdays the opportunity to let PJ loose on the wards again after a long absence. A thank you letter was quickly made up at home and we delivered it personally to Malcolm. He praised the service and said we all do a marvellous job.

Stanley Pope of Slough donated some LP's.

On Friday 30th June ( Roger Hawkes )returns to Fridays.

July to September

20/7 Marion Rathbone our trolley shop manager has collecting pot in her house which generally gets donations from all her visitors especially during Ascot week. Marion has kindly donated this years donations to us which has added £46.50 to our total.

W/E 29/7 nearly turned into a disaster for the loan radio service on wards 1,2,3,10, and the day surgery unit. The reason the hospital have started to renovate the mother and baby unit on ward two the aerial situated in this area was ripped from the wall, as the wall was to come down: an emergency repair by PJ has re-sited the aerial further down the corridor.

On Saturday 12th August this years bandstand proved a hot spot to be with records books and bric-a-brac quickly snapped up by punters. Dave Griffiths, Dave Smith, PJ, Lisa, Barry, Keith, Lance, were the stars of the spectacle.

The increased battery sales over the first four months of the new year has also had a knock on effect with regard to faults as the units become used more we are suffering a little with over 141 faults repaired since 1st April. We have also had to replace ten units completely because of broken volume switches.

1995 Year Nineteen Story Unfolds

1995 was a very busy year for the station management and as the year unfolded there was much to do and organise

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October to December

Loan Radio Sponsor On the 1st November in the post bag was a card from the Forget-me-not club of South Ascot. A cheque was enclosed £45 to be used in memory of Meg Probert one of their members who had passed away.

Thursday 9/11 Marjorie on ward 5 was so pleased with the service we provided she said it really cheered her up and helped her get through her stay and wanted to personally thank us, she then presented us with a box of chocolates as she was hoping to go home on the Friday.

Loan Radio Sponsor 175 Whilst in Heatherwood Hospital for 3 weeks following a road traffic accident, I used the loan radio service and had several requests played. I should like other patients to enjoy the facility and enclose a cheque for £10 to sponsor a radio. Regards Anne Coburn

On Sunday 22nd October a coach load of Radio Heatherwood Supporters left to find Dave's Crinkley Bottom. Three hundred miles later and still no sign: however they did find Mr blobby and Noel's Crinkley bottom. Mr Blobby was celebrating his birthday with the aid of the RHSG.

RHSG Tenby17/18/19/20 November

On a cold Friday morning in November a coach load of supporters set off for the wilds of Wales. Where men are men and the sheep run scared. So would you if you saw David's dress !!!!.

Loan Radio Sponsor No176,177,178 In memory of Elizabeth Gambriel who passed away in Heatherwood's ward 15. She was the sister of one of the RHSG members. Mrs Bailey asked that the radio's be put out in her sisters name.

On Monday 4th December Lance collected a donation and thank you letter from ward 5. It comes from a patient John Webb he writes:-

To the ladies and Gentlemen of Radio Heatherwood

Thank you for helping me through the first 44 days of my stroke with your evenings of music. I have been tied to a bed for that time or in a wheel chair going to Physio, now I am starting to walk again and going home tomorrow Saturday.

Wednesday 13th December was the last broadcast night for the time being as staff levels have forced the temporary closure.

In 1995 24 loan radio units replaced through broken volume controls, 25 units added to wards and 38 missing?.

The Grand Draw Raised Gross £1405.73 Nett £1243.74

Staff Joining This Year 11 Staff Leaving 14

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Archive Gems

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1995 The Story Continues!


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