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1992 Expansion Of The Loan Radio Service

Flavour Radio's

Loan Radio's For All

In 1990 the first loan radio's were added to ward 10 in an effort to provide listening facilities for patients as the old style bed head system was beyond repair.

By 1992 the loan radio service had received enough sponsors to expand the service to more wards.

The aim now was to have a loan radio put into each and every locker. Previously the radio's were kept in a box at the nurses station, this system didn't work very well and so with each radio a leaflet was left explaining the service.

In addition to providing the radio's, we would also sell replacement batteries, at £1 for the red seal or 80p for the blue seal.

The yellow radio's which were purchased from the Tandy shops became a familiar site on the wards.

Gordon Young was instrumental in maintaining these and also promoting the service at this time.

The loan radio service provided an excellent opportunity for patients to be involved with the radio service by sponsoring a radio.

The feedback below shows some of the sponsors of the radios for this year as well as general feedback letters with donations.

Labels & Plaques

One of the many plaques from radio's sponsored by the League of friends
Picture Taken July 2010.
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The first radio's placed on ward 10 in 1990 were purchased from Dixon's but these didn't last long,they were either stolen or damaged. They were FM/AM radio's.

The new style radio's yellow flavour radio's as called were purchased from the Tandy stores. Am only, they had their tuning control removed and were fixed to Radio Heatherwood's frequency of 999kHz AM.

The first label used to identify the loan radio. This helped with maintenance of the radio as we could keep track of what was being repaired and how often.
Picture Taken July 2010.
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To keep track of the radio's and to also to appeal to the user front plaques carried the name of the sponsor and each radio was initially etched with a serial number. This was later changed to a stuck on able label which was added to the body of the radio. After we found that a number of these labels were removed we added a label inside the battery compartment.

1992 Year Sixteen Story Unfolds

1992 was a very busy year for the station management and as the year unfolded there was much to do and organise

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Loan Radio Modifications

A new look fluorescent information label added to the new radio's.
Picture Taken July 201.
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In addition to the removal of the tuning control, and the labels stuck to the units, battery compartment lids were attached by cord to the units, headphones were strapped to the units to prevent the theft of the headphones. However this didn't prevent the removal of the headphones in some cases.


The maintenance costs were usually centred around the replacement of either damaged or missing headphones.

The loan radio service continues until 2004, when circumstances forced it's closure.

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Loan Radio and Patient Feedback

Publicity & Feedback

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Archive Gems

Just some extra's we found:-

1992 The Story Continues!

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