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1991 Home Furnishing Exhibition

Radio Heatherwood A Beneficiary

In late 1990 the radio service was contacted by Stan Webb who wished to nominate the radio service as beneficiary from the gate money from an exhibition he was planning to hold the following April.

We thought it was an excellent opportunity to raise some additional funds and benefit from some publicity. The first three months of the year were geared towards the exhibition.

A difficult time for the organizer Stan Webb with the financial climate threatening the success of the exhibition. Radio Heatherwood and the league of friends were represented at the exhibition by a hastily made stand put together by the secretary.

The radio station for it's part distributed leaflets to patients and twice a week broadcast the special program. Those patients who were unlucky enough to be in hospital between February an April this year were bombarded with news of the exhibition.

Stan Webb true to his word donated £1300 of the gate money to the station which made all the effort worthwhile.

1991 Year Fifteen Story Unfolds

1991 was a very busy year for the station management and as the year unfolded there was much to do and organise

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Home Furnishing Exhibition

Publicity & Press

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1991 The Story Continues!

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