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1990 Year Fourteen

1990 Diary Page

In January the old Partridge studio mixer refurbished by the station engineer was sold for £700 to Orsett hospital radio.

A return to broadcasts six nights a week.

A twelve hour marathon to raise funds for the second studio in March; raises over £863 for the Radio service. This was organized by Gordon Young and John Bembridge.

Radio Heatherwood begins a new once a month broadcast on a Sunday: following the success of the twelve hour marathon; which was held on a Sunday.

1st Sunday of April launches the new Sunday service.

A new style badge is introduced complete with advertising logo, and pre-printed names for presenters.

In the March and May editions of the Nahbo magazine the second part the Radio Heatherwood stories were published.

The work on the second studio comes to an end on the 5th May.

Two coaches venture into south Wales all in the aid of charity.
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The Charity Buzz goes to Wales this year and raises £960 for the completion of the production studio.

The final cost to provide a second studio at Heatherwood, was over £7200.The provision of two studio's to be able to both broadcast at the same time, prompted the introduction of the engineering guide which helps presenters understand the operations they carry out.

Two coaches venture into south Wales all in the aid of charity.
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The fete this year is once again relayed live to the patients.Torrential rain during the afternoon just about summed up the involvement of the hospital and staff. It was probably one of the worst fete's organized. Not the fault of the league but lack of response by others.

Two presenters donate £100 each to purchase loan radio's for wards 10,3,1.Gordon Young coordinates the loan radio service, and modification to the loan radio's.

The 10th June the fourteenth birthday of Radio Heatherwood, and the opening of the second studio: Studio 2 by the Sunninghill Fuel Allotment Trust. The Chairman Bill Bowyer opens the studio at 11am.

A twelve hour broadcast recapturing the first fourteen years of Radio Heatherwood, is broadcast, with news and events national and Heatherwood news included.

The success of the birthday celebrations prompts the secretary into collating all the memorabilia about Radio Heatherwood to produce a permanent record in the studio of just how far the station has come:( The radio history file ).

The first part 1976-1986 was displayed in the latter half of the year.

In September An additional charity buzz to the West Somerset railway is sold out.

The charity night is held this year at the Stag public house. A sixties/seventies disco night is organized.

Grand Draw/Charity Night Raised: -£1620. 10.

The stations library computer is installed in the studio at last. All presenters receive training on the library facilities by the training officer :Gordon Young.

On the first Sunday in October: the once a month broadcast time was changed to the evening; at 5 till 10pm. A special broadcast, for the last Sunday in October broadcast from 8am till 3pm.

On the 3oth October, the last Tuesday program was broadcast. Staff shortages for the night: forces closure.

The development of Hospital radio on the FM frequency produces a wave of correspondence to the station. The chance for the station to participate with the development of the Fm broadcasting is turned down by the management,due to an underlying problem with commitment from hospital management and presenters. A sad day for the station and Heatherwood ;and a missed opportunity.

A weekend in Cornwall arranged by Dave Smith is a new venture for the station. This the final charity trip of the year makes a profit for the station : overall for the year of £1200 with all the trips.

Radio Heatherwood
gets a mention in a local letters page.

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The first press article appears in the Bracknell news. for the home furnishing exhibition which will be held in April 1991. The station is set to benefit from the proceeds of the exhibition.

This year the league of friends was registered as a charity and the letterhead was changed to reflect the new charity No 900282.

A special program for boxing day is the last special day of broadcasting for the year. As the year draws to a close the CD library has now expanded to over 140 discs, most of them being purchased at the local car boots.

Staff Joining This Year 6 Staff Leaving 12

1990 Year Fourteen Story Unfolds

1990 was a very busy year for the station management and as the year unfolded there was much to do and organise

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1990 Fundraising for the Hospital Radio Station

On the 14th October, a car boot was organized by Dave Smith as a trial for an idea to raise funds for the radio. £290 raised for the League of friends and £145 for the station.

Arts & Crafts & Car Boot

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