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1988 What Next For The Radio?

Radio Heatherwood Future Gazing

In October 1988 the station engineer/secretary PJ posted on the notice-board some ideas and some costing's for items/projects which were to be considered.


Radio Heatherwood having attained the medium wave service, and a redesigned studio complex over the last four years, must look to the future and explore new and interesting ways to improve and promote their service.

The following are just some of the areas where we can improve. These are not in any order, but some items are very much linked and require completion before being undertaken.

Telephone Answering Machine

An answering machine would allow patients or the public to leave dedications requests and messages to be broadcast during programs. In effect opening the station 24hrs a day.

**COST £150 Approx**

Personal Computer

A fully computerized library the main reason for the PC, with added facilities for news sheets, desk top publishing ( Own magazine ).An aid to the promotion of R.H.

**COST £1600 APPROX*

Studio 2

The purchase of a second Chilton mixer and installation of second studio for recording and back up.

**COST £6500 APPROX**

Engineering Changes

A mixer module fitted to rack allowing talk back to library area, from studio one. A mixer module for headphone socket to allow talk up to news, whilst listening to main output.

**COST £100 APPROX**

Telephone module to allow on air phone in's

**COST £300 APPROX**

Fixed cable links to strategic points around the hospital i.e., day rooms, maternity reception etc, this will allow live programs from wards and dept's.

**COST £1000 APPROX**

Outside Broadcasts

We must make an effort to get these off the ground with OB'S from princess square, and Ascot High street, and local fete's etc. If we rent a music line from BT a link to the studio from high street locations could be possible.


Program Changes

An increase in hours at weekends, all day Saturdays & Sundays, recorded output from recording studio. Invite outside groups in for interviews, etc. Health care items from doctors, nurses, and physio's, all contributing to program content. A more specialized output, magazine output for weekday evenings, to increase hours on weekdays. Local community items and groups to support the magazine program.


A prize for giveaway every night of the week and more involvement in special projects.



An increase in station jingles with a review of style every two years. A campaign to send tapes to personalities for get well messages.

**COST £100 APPROX**


A review of sweatshirt logo, new tee shirts, car stickers giveaways pens badges etc

**COST £500 APPROX**

The above ideas are not un-obtainable, other hospital radio stations are doing some of the things we have mentioned. It is quite obvious from the above that we are going to need to raise a lot of money over the next few years and these projects will very much depend on your commitment.

If you have any ideas about how you would like things to develop, contact me with the details.
I ask of everyone who reads this plan that it will only happen if you are prepared to make it happen. Don't leave it for others and together we can reap the rewards.

P J. Engineer Oct 88

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Staff Newsletter

The first newsletter in June 87 was a successful way of conveying all the stories which would develop over a thirty day period. It was an ideal way of keeping people in touch without the need to constantly come and see everyone each night.

The newsletter stopped after November 87;so that the secretary could concentrate on the building work and engineering. The station secretary by June 88 was free from engineering to be able to re-launch the staff newsletter.

The following is a selection of other stories which were taking place during the last six months of 1988.


Departures this year included Alan Drury, Chris Terry.


The arrivals this year included Roger Hawkes, Gordon Young.

New Magazine

The new magazine printed by J Alter has arrived the distinctive red cover with the new logo. This was the last magazine to be produced. The cost of advertising in this type of magazine was affecting our donations from businesses.

Second Studio

The station has set aside £1600 which will be used towards the second studio. A sum of £6500 will be required to purchase a second Chilton mixer and to fund alterations required.

P . R . O .

The new pictures and memorabilia on the walls is part of the stations plans to encourage more commitment from outside sponsors and a reminder to staff; just how far this station has come.


The Ascot Fire brigade trust has recently paid a visit to the studio; this has resulted in a donation of £1000 for the stations computer.

Fame At Last

A story penned by the secretary has been published in the National Association November edition magazine, it details the rise and fall and subsequent rise of the station to attain the medium wave.


Radio Heatherwood
*Little Annie* Thankyou Card.

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A patient on ward four has finally gone home, but has remembered the radio station by sending a thankyou card. Little Annie.

AM Year Story Unfolds

1988 was a very busy year for the station management and as the year unfolded there was much to do and organise

For further information about this year:- Follow the links

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1988 And in The End

The background organization and projects continued in the latter half of the year. Public relations exercises continued with invites to Ascot fire brigade trust, who later sponsored the stations first library computer. The Sunninghill fuel allotment trust were the next visitors who were also later to assist the station. The last visitors this year were the Victoria hall fund, who have regularly made a donation to the running costs.

The manager was also busy during the last few months of year; with the keying in of all the record library song and artist indexes, on the computer.

The two year period 87-88 was a very high profile period the station. A local reporter Alun Jones was mainly responsible: his interest in our cause was instrumental in keeping our story in the paper. All the press releases we released during appeal year were always acted upon. We owe a great deal to Alun, sadly he has since retired from the Ascot Express.
We have never been able emulate this support from the local press.

The Future

The station was not going to stand still, having achieved the medium wave. The purchase of the computer and the need to have a production and training studio; were about to ensure Radio Heatherwood continued to improve it's services.

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Archive Gems

Just some extra's we found:-

1988 That Was The Year That Was !

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