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Diary Page April to June

Heatherwood Radio Appeal Year
2nd Quarter

April 1987


League of friends meeting.


White Lion Egham charity night.
A variety of charity events staged raising £143. Peter Kemp a presenter on Wednesdays organized this night including all the games.

White Lion Regular Roy Laye got light headed.His sponsored haircut was one of the several events.


Donation of £5.


Donation of £1000 from Sunninghill Fuel allotment trust.

The original application to the SFAT was geared towards them donating towards the replacement equipment, with the proviso that if the main appeal fell short we would divert any of the funds they donated.


Patient donation of £15.


Second phase of business letters sent.( 17 ).
The initial phase of letters was quite encouraging: so the second phase was implemented. This was later to prove fruitless.


Wireless Workshop informed of contract. The quotation had arrived in early April and had not increased significantly from the original. This was good news; as we were hopeful to channel any excess cash towards the new studio equipment.

The installation of the system was dependant on the EMI unit being finished. The EMI unit was still under construction. The planned hand over date was July. It was nice to feel at the end of April that with all the money available nothing would stop us achieving our goal. We hadn't bargained for the completion of the EMI unit.

Month End Appeal Total Total £10'529:00.

May 1987


Patient donation of £10.


Patient donation of £50.


Donation of £100 from Honeywell Security Systems.


Patient donation of £5.

Grant aid received from local council £100.
After the put down at the council meeting in February the promised assistance for the appeal arrived.


League of friends meeting.


Donation from De Beers of £100.


Patients on ward 5 hold a raffle and raise £44.50.


Application to Sunninghill parish council for assistance.


Donation from B.O.C. of £100.


P.A. test for fete.

The league of friends meeting was told that the EMI unit is behind schedule and is unlikely to be handed over in July.

Month end Appeal Total Total £11'038:5O.

June 1987


Patient donation of £1: Donation of £10 from Grace Browning long term presenter on the radio.


Fete day.


Invitation received from Bracknell district council to attend a presentation of cheque, monies raised from the bottle bank.


Grand draw ticket selling begins.

The grand draw this year takes on more importance than previous years as we need to raise the running costs as well as maintaining some kind of income for the appeal.


Donation of £250 from Sunninghill parish council.

Month end Appeal Total Total £11'299:50.

Whose Support Counted The Most ?

It' is always easy to analyse events with hindsight and say how you would do things differently. As part of the prep work for the appeal year the project folders created, which would be submitted to major players were all the same size and once created on the secretary's typewriter, copies were made at the Bracknell print room and looked very professional. £75 paid in printing costs. We were a bit green at the time thinking that once people had received them they would supports us. The reality was different, as they were too long or too complicated to understand, what were we trying to achieve?. Should we have created slim down versions, which might have helped us to achieve more financial support. One thing we can be sure of, if it wasn't for the Windsor & Maidenhead Council, Radio Heatherwood would have ceased broadcasting some years ago.

It was there letter listed across which today still fills us with pride that they understood what we are about and had the foresight to support the project.

Listed below also information we would rather forget from another local council. The result of this application was to go along to the public room of the council chamber whilst the council decided on the application.

It was plainly obvious that slim down versions were handed to council members from our submission but you got the impression that they had not been read. This turned into a total put down by almost all of the council and advised by the chairman to limit the donation so as not to encourage these type of people to return!.

So We Didn't!

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