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1985 Patient Booklet

Patient Booklet Issue 7

The patient booklet were given freely to patients to promote the work of the radio station and the leagues trolley shop.

Issue 7 contained twenty four pages with information how the radio service was set-up. It also had a request for feedback from Grace Browning Wednesdays, article by Tim Green and article about Runnymede brass band.

The booklet also carried an article about the trolley shop.

The booklet also carried an article by Grace Browning on local wine grower Colonel Robbie Robertson.

Chairman Ron Mason welcomed readers to this new edition.

Magazine Pages

Display Board

The display board was commissioned we think in early 1985 and was first used at the pa stand at the fete.

Display Board.
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On the first occasion the hospital radio flag was attached to the side. The sign was painted on a door and hooks were added to support the board.

When not used at the fete it could be found hanging in the listening area of the studio.

1985 Year Nine Story Unfolds

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Staff Joining This Year 14 Staff Leaving 16

That was the year that was “1985”

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