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1984 Year Eight

1984 Diary Page

In the Jan of this year, four dee jay's formed the chain gang carrying out much needed painting to the studio complex.

The abortive studio two which never worked was replaced with listening facilities during this change. The reception was painted by Frank Blasi of the Friday crew. The main studio was improved, on the wiring front with all the dodgy connections being replaced. This was then painted, it's worth noting at this time, that some parts of the studios, were never ever painted from the start, that part which was had turned into a smokers yellow.

All of the work was carried out on Saturdays and Sunday mornings.

The practice of putting in fillers from the chart was discouraged this year, in an effort portray a more middle of the road image in line with the age group of the patients:35 to 65.

In February this year the radio was off the air for a week whilst the main amp was repaired, by a former engineer of the station.

A League of Friends meeting was told that £500 to £600,would be required to re-build the so called studio two.

The introduction of the patients chart meant a large top thirty board in the studio displaying all those artists or records that were being requested. The chart was based on the amount of requests from patients. The service replaced the national chart which was being used prior to this.

A change to the way requests were taken; was implemented with restriction on seven per half an hour.

The introduction of compulsory ward rounds, for all presenters came into force "No wards, no program".

In March this year a character from the children's ward, who was a regular guest on the WD2 show, passed away at the age of fourteen. A week after her birthday.

Samantha Laws & PJ
Sam being interviewed during the 1983 children's xmas party.
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A frequent patient on ward 2:suffering from cystic fibrosis, a disease which affects the lungs of young children, Samantha laws who had the most marvellous ability to laugh in the face of adversity, was dearly loved by all.

In the few years WD2 show was broadcast, she became a very dear friend to everybody.

Ascot carnival stall this year raised £60.

Steve Wright paid a visit to the studio one Saturday evening this year after visiting his future mother in law, who was a patient on a ward. Steve promptly left, after We threatened to play one of his records. He did give us a mention the following afternoon on his Radio 1 Sunday show.

The fete this year was opened by Iris Williams.

In July Ward one closed, for renovations.

Treasurer and Secretary John Walters resigned from the league this year as he moved from the area.

The portable tape recorder came in handy this year; when PJ. went along to the Ascot vineyard to interview the owner Colonel Robbie Robertson. The program was broadcast as a special Saturday magazine program: along the lines of Desert island discs.(15.9.84)

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The September bank account of the radio boasted £35 on the current account and £5.63 on deposit. A voice recorder and time switch were installed in the main studio to cut out objectionable practices and misuse of the studio outside of normal times.

In October a chain gang disco was organized in the social hall but was a financial loss. Chain gang were:- Peter Kemp, Tim Green, PJ. Davidson Smith, & Dave Smith.

A £50 donation came in this year, from the Bracknell bottle bank service.

The first radio survey of the radio units on the wards since 1976, was carried out, the amount of faults.(18% had faults).

The last WD2 children's show was broadcast at the end of December. A change in grading of the children's ward meant a decrease in the amount of children in the ward at weekends, which caused the demise, of a much loved radio show by the staff, parents and children.

By the end of this year studio management was taken over by Dave Smith( who remained in position until closure in 2016).The engineering and secretary position was taken by his brother PJ. Davidson-Smith.( who remained in position until closure in 2016 ).

Alder Valley Request Form

Alder Valley Request Form
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After the Honeywell sponsored request forms ended, local bus company Alder Valley became the sponsor through the help of Dave Smith.

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Chain Gang Disco

Chain Gang Poster
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In October this year the chain gang promoted the disco in the social hall with the posters which were professionally printed by a local printer.

Tim Green from Wednesdays provided the disco. Sadly the disco did not produce any profit for the station.

Attempt At Studio 2

Library rack
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Ron Mason stands in one of the incarnations of studio 2.

Ron Mason in studio 2 ?
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In 1983 the studio complex was added an adjoining room. The broadcast console was moved into the new room creating studio 1.

The idea was then to create a studio two in the vacated room. Lack of funds and proper engineering prevented the studio ever actually being used to broadcast to the patients.

This picture appeared in the local press purporting to be Radio Heatherwood's new facilities for training etc.

In July this year it was claimed that this was operational ?.

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Archive Gems

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Staff Joining This Year 10 Staff Leaving 1

That was the year that was “1984”

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