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1983 Saturday Crew Take Five

Radio Heatherwood Saturday Crew

This page is dedicated to the efforts and and hard work of the Saturday Crew. Dave Smith PJ Davidson-Smith & Phil Chappell. At the time this was just high jinks and a desire to bring new and exciting programme's to the listeners.

Along with the time given to produce extra programs each Saturday the enthusiasm was carried in the broadcasts and a good time was experienced by all.

New Years day saw a special Breakfast Radio program for the patients. Presented by Dave Smith & PJ.

The show contained recorded New Years messages from the staff.


The Saturday crew will be presenting an additional broadcast on Saturday the 1st of Jan 1983 which will be in the morning details as follows:-

6.30-7.30 am Early morning call ( Welcome to 1983 )

7.30-8.30 am Continental breakfast request.( Staff requests and staff call. )

8.30-9.30 am Kids stuff ( breakfast from ward 2 ).

9.30-l0.00 am Saturday morning extra & closedown.

It's hoped that throughout the days broadcasting times messages from the nursing staff will be available on tape, we will be most grateful to all staff who wish to take part in this idea.( we will be recording these in the near future watch out for the man with the tape recorder ).


5.00-6.00 pm The W. D. 2. Show. ( breakfast show repeat )

6.00-7.00 pm The number one singles of 1982.

7.00-7.30 pm Early evening requests.

7.30-8.00 pm The Saturday magazine ( Christmas with Tony Hancock ).

8.00-9.30 pm The Saturday request train ( including Win a Disc ).

9.30-l0.00 pm Saturday night extra or ( Sisters Revenge ).

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the nursing staff for their help and cooperation during the past year, and to wish everyone a healthy, happy and prosperous new year.


The Saturday crew are:- Phil Chappell. Dave Smith. Peter Davidson-Smith( PJ )


The sound of happy radio. New Years Resolution. Support your hospital DJ'S,buy him a set of braces.

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Saturday Poster

Saturday Posters
Click to Enlarge:-

Another of those posters created by PJ and mastered with a stencil set and typewriter.

The poster carried the new program schedule for Saturdays and was hand coloured before displaying on the wards.

1983 Year Seven Story Unfolds

For further information about this year:- Follow the links

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1983 Christmas Eve & New Years Eve

Saturday's Christmas Eve & New Years Eve Program Posters

Another of those posters created by PJ and mastered with a stencil set and typewriter. The poster carried the new program schedule for Saturdays and was hand coloured before displaying on the wards.

Christmas 1983 Programme Guide
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These special programs were planned early in the year. As Christmas eve and New Years eve fell on the Saturdays this year, Dave Phil And PJ thought they would give up their holidays to bring something special to the patients. The following note was posted on all wards:-


So You Want To Be A Radio Star Radio Heatherwood's Saturday crew is looking for help with their Christmas and New Year programme's on Christmas eve and New years eve, it is intended to broadcast from 12 midday until 12 midnight on both days, you can help in the following way:-

The regular Saturday children's show from ward 2, always features staff answering a few questions about themselves plus introducing some of their own favourite records, what we would like to do. is extend this to all hospital staff for some special dedication programme's over the two days, perhaps you can share an experience that you've had this past year or maybe just tell a joke, or simply say a get well message from yourself, We shall record the interviews to be played and you can have a copy if you wish. Last year we did this for our new years day breakfast show and the staff who took part were most warmly received by the patients who tuned in that morning.

If you wish to take part and can spare twenty minutes of your time one Saturday between now and the 17th of December contact your Saturday crew on Radio Heatherwood:-

Phone no's Ascot 25818 (evenings leave a message any night or phone the D J's at home:-  P.J Davidson-smith, Dave Smith (and remember anyone can take part Doctors, Nurses, Physio's, Porters, Clerks). Don't delay phone today"


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Volunteer Stars Gallery

Some captured moments of our Saturday volunteers,during this year.

 Taking Time Out, Saturday Crew 1983 


The Saturday crew and a range of pictures taken at the time which today, they would rather forget ?

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Archive Gems

Just some extra's we found:-

Staff Joining This Year 17 Staff Leaving 13

That was the year that was “1983”

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