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1978 Year Two

1978 Diary Page

Radio Heatherwood's lOO up club had eighty members.

An influx of staff produced increased broadcast times for Saturdays; with broadcasts from 1pm till 10pm.

John Walters Former Treasurer.
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This year the station spent £136.08p on replacement headsets ear pieces and tubing for the wards. The radio teams this year were reported as trying to raise their own funds to replace headsets.

The pop duo, Peters and Lee were interviewed and the tape was broadcast.

The Windsor lions junior section, controlled the broadcasting for Sunday evenings.

At the meeting of the league after the AGM this year a member of the league complained about the pre-occupation of the league members with the radio service for the past year or so. The league should concentrate on other ideas and projects.!

The station had entered Capital radio's competition for hospital radio's and had been invited to attend a forum. Lots of new ideas had been formed and it was hoped that the service would be able to incorporate some of these and so improve content etc of programme's.

Radio Heatherwood was asked along with other Hospital broadcasting organization to help take part in a special Christmas broadcast of dedications for people in hospital by RADIO 210. Three members of the station, were selected to help.

Members of the radio were fundraising this year with Christmas goods and calendars etc being sold around the hospital.

Staff Joining This Year 5 Staff Leaving 1

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Archive Gems

Just some extra's we found:-

Archive Gems

Just some extra's we found:-

That was the year that was “1978”

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