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Press Reports 1976

Hospital Radio Station Goes Back on The Air

The internal radio station at Heatherwood Hospital, Ascot, went back on the air last night after a £4,500 injection from the hospital's League of Friends.

Journalist and TV personality Michael Parkinson and actress Diana Dors were interviewed live in the new studio and recorded messages from Bruce Forsyth we're delayed to patients.

Michael Parkinson, who has agreed to be president of the new streamlined Radio Heatherwood was at the hospital by special invitation. But Diana Dors, who lives in Sunninghill, just happened to be visiting a friend in the maternity block and agreed to speak to the patients over the new radio system.


After being interviewed Mr Parkinson toured a number of the wards, chatting to patients and then presented a new mother in the maternity block with a toy kangaroo on behalf of the radio station.

Mrs Valerie Smith, of Prince Andrew Way, Ascot, was the first mother to have a baby after Radio Heatherwood went on the air. Less than an hour after the birth of her son Mrs Smith met Mr Parkinson and a deputation from the League of Friends

Earlier the league officially handed over the radio station to Mrs Marion McCarthy, district nursing officer for east Berkshire. The station has been off the air for some months.

Radio Heatherwood will be broadcasting to patients for three hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. But when more volunteer disc jockeys have been found and trained it is hoped the station will be on the air for three hours every evening.( Source Evening Post 11/6/1976 )

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1976 Year Zero Unfolds

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That was the year that was “1976” and the radio service gets underway on a more regular basis.

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