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Radio Heatherwood Studio Live
10th June 1976

Hospital Radio Station
On Air Day

The record request programme started by Bill Berry lasted off and on, for seven years. A spate of faulty equipment and a lack of real facilities for a radio service, prompted the help by the League of Friends; into creating the first regular service.

Local Press Opening Day Article
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An injection of cash £4500, from the League of Friends enabled the first studio to be built, and the radio headsets to be provided on the wards.

A room was set aside on the ground floor of the maternity unit. The room part of the old equipment room for the switchboard which was turned into the first purpose built studio for the radio service. One of the tasks needed to be carried out before the radio could use the allocated room was the movement of some GPO equipment this was to cost £350.

The first six month's of the year was a busy time at the emerging new radio station.

The installation of the headsets on the wards and equipment in the studio came to an end at the beginning of the year.

The on-air date was set for the AGM of the League of friends.

A plea for helpers in February produced over 20 volunteers

A sub-committee with a representative on the the League of Friends was formed.

The first mixing console purchased for the radio cost £500.


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