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In The Beginning

In 1990 after 10 years with the radio station I decided to put together a series of scrapbooks which collated all the pictures posters and stories about the radio service which had taken place.

The scrap books were designed to show all newcomers to the radio, how the station had developed. The scrapbooks or the memories contained therein could not fully portray the story of Radio Heatherwood but did show, who, what and how things have developed and who walked through our doors and made a contribution to it's well being. Each year was documented with stories and memorabilia.

Selfie Time

PJ Davidson-smith - Studio One 2015
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The first 10 years were housed in one blue binder subsequent years ran to a blue folder each, as activity by the station produced more materials to store. In the early 90's due to commitments to other projects I was not able to keep up the scrapbooks.

The time has come to embark on a project to bring all those early scrapbooks to the web site. In addition we hope in time to produce those missing books. As time has marched on, we have learnt more details about those early days which previously we were unaware of. Those additional snippets of info have now been included in this on-line scrapbook.

We hope you find the history scrapbook interesting and informative. We apologize for any omissions of events or deeds that have taken place which have been lost and or were not documented. I was not here at the start, but having joined in 1980 I have tried to ensure all deeds and involvement by individuals is recorded and attributed to our unsung heroes.

Secretary P Davidson-Smith Summer 2008

In January 2011 the last of those original blue folders was published on this web site.

Web Site Progress Reports

And in the end

Over 2056 pictures, 146 videos, 308 MP3's, 411 pdf documents, and 224 pages capture the past of a dearly loved radio station.

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