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Keeping Radio Staff Informed 1990

It's 1990 and a total of sixteen briefings including the monthly newsletter are recorded in the archive.

The purchase of an Amstrad computer with a word processing program the year before, was paying dividends and the use of hand written notes were very few and far between.The monthly newsletter and additional notices were made available for the noticeboard.


This year an increase in notices and monthly newsletters on the noticeboard.

Radio Heritage
Second Studio
Staff Newsletter Feature

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Second Studio 1990

Timeline 1990

No Issues Event PDF Link Topics Type
01 Hnews10 Noticeboard Newsletter January 1990 Christmas,Trainee,Second Studio,Blue Book,Etc A4
02 Hnews11 Noticeboard Newsletter February 1990 Sweatshirts,Tape Library,Donations,Departures,Etc A4
03 Hnews12 Noticeboard Newsletter March 1990 Radiothon,Badges,Charity Buzz,Trainee's,Etc A4
04 Hnews13 Noticeboard Newsletter April 1990 Studio one,Blue book,Second Studio Funding, Banned Record,Etc A4
05 Hnews15 Noticeboard Newsletter May 1990 Second Studio finished,Marathon man,Fete Day,Good housekeeping,Etc A4
06 Newsflash Noticeboard Heatherwood Super Hospital May 1990 Press article prompts management reply A4
07 Staff cover Noticeboard Saturday Staff Cover May 1990 Press article prompts management reply A4
08 Hnews16 Noticeboard Newsletter June 1990 Birthday Bash,Catering Manager,Good House Keeping,Feedback,Etc A4
09 Warning Noticeboard Electrical Interference Warning July 1990 Large spikes on the mains causes problems A4
10 Hnews17 Noticeboard Newsletter August 1990 Grand Draw,Ticket Returns,Equipment Faults,Charity Buzz,Etc A4
11 Hnews18 Noticeboard Newsletter September 1990 Equipment Faults,Charity Night,Booklet,Radio History,Etc A4
12 Policy Noticeboard Policy Meeting September 1990 Meeting with staff to discuss ideas to move the station forward A4
13 Hnews19 Noticeboard Newsletter October 1990 Car Boot,Equipment Faults,Radio Booklet,Newsletter Archives,Etc A4
14 RadioRadio Noticeboard Radio Radio 1990 Why are you doing hospital radio?,Etc A4
15 Hnews20 Noticeboard Newsletter November 1990 Car Boot,Booklet,Records Appeal,Engineering Changes,Etc A4
16 Hnews21 Noticeboard Newsletter December 1990 Equipment faults,Booklet,Blue Book,Engineering Changes,Etc A4

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1990 Year Fourteen Story Unfolds

1990 was a very busy year for the station management and as the year unfolded there was much to do and organise

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