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2000 Our Stars and Backstage Information

Radio Heatherwood Behind the Scenes

Whilst there was a very public side to the promotion of the radio service, behind the scenes a number of other events and changes were taking place to the working practices of the radio station.

2000 Year Twenty Four Story Unfolds

2000 was a very busy year for the station management and as the year unfolded there was much to do and organise

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Some captured moments of our volunteers,during this year.

Our Stars of 2000


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Welcome to our Picture board

In early October whilst the builders were carrying out work on the ground floor of maternity unit,cables were damaged and an aerial was ripped from a wall knocking out the am service for ward 8. This left the loan radio's useless and was not able to be repaired until Feb 2001.

A temporary repair was effected by PJ and a visit to the old premises with the camera captured the already vast changes which had taken place.

Builders Damage

Old Studio, Builders have moved in

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And in the End

The year 2000 was dominated by the move of the hospital radio studio to it's new premises.

Recruitment was put on hold until the end of the year as the station management wrestled with the need to get the new studio up and running.

The move wasn't without issue's caused by the lack of discussion with the relevant hospital people, of their making. In addition when it came down to the move of the actual contents of the studio the family members of the management were called upon to help.

By the end of 2000 the new studio was on air and the balance of work needed to complete all the tasks and re-instate studio 2 would be expected to be complete by March 2001.

The provision of a nice new studio's in a wooden building which had already been designated as low standard for the hospital's own staff, would create new problems and one which caused issue's from the start was the temperature during the summer month's, on one occasion 90 degrees was recorded.

To help offset the high temperatures, curtains were added to all windows and reflective film to all windows. In addition all hot water pipes running round all of the rooms were boxed in.This all added to the time of the build remedial work, by the station engineer.

Privately the new premises generated a number of discussions within the radio and league and long term it was touched upon how the building would in fact cause issues during the coming years. The question unanswered also was, how long would we be in this location ?

A spate of damage was inflicted upon the inductive loop system this year of which the hospital contractors were the guilty party.

The station still managed to pull in donations for loan radio's as well as donations to our upkeep.

The year will always be remembered as the year of the move.

Staff Departures this year 4, Arrivals 2.

P. J. Davidson-Smith Secretary May 2011

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2000 That Was The Year That Was!


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