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Old Medical Records Building January 2000

Summer House Under New Management

This page shows the new premises allocated to Radio Heatherwood in January 2000.

As you can see from the photo's. A lot of work is required to complete the transformation into a broadcasting suite.

The building was nicknamed the Summer House by the studio engineer.

After years of broadcasting in the broom cupboard it was now time to move to the summer house.

Hospital Notification

Gill Hill Hospital Rep.
The first indication that the old medical records building was the allocated room.

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The allocation of the the old medical records building was on the rumour mill for some time before this letter was received in January.

This was the first written evidence this was going to be our new home.

Although we were advised of two options in reality this was the only option on the table.

Clean Slate

As the radio's premises developed over the years it was sometimes thought upon that if we had a clean slate we would design the studio layout to our best working environment without all the mistakes which had been made previously.

The allocation of the new premises gave us an opportunity to really think about the layout and to make it comfortable for the volunteers and be practical.

2000 Year Twenty Four Story Unfolds

2000 was a very busy year for the station management and as the year unfolded there was much to do and organise

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Summer House ( Old Medical Records )

When the keys were first handed to us, to view and size up. We took the opportunity to capture the premises as it was. The managers digital camera came in very handy during the transformation. These first set of pictures were taken in January 2000.

Summer House - Our New Premises

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Archive Gems

Just some extra's we found:-

Radio History Snippets

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2000 The Story Continues!

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