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In January this year a ward raffle raised £63.20 for the radio.

In March this year the presenters club was started.

A records appeal in the local paper, drew in over 1500 records for the station.

A problem with the hospital bleep this year affected the output for most of the year. The bleep had been boosted to cover certain parts of the hospital. The result for the radio station meant any newscasts being taken from IRN were obliterated. The original cable for the bleep ran right thru the studio's. This was re-routed thru conduit solving the problem.

The studio telephone was changed from a coin box phone to a desk top phone, receiving incoming calls only. Rental costs were to blame for the change.

A celebration of a birthday for ward one: one year on after the renovation on the ward, the radios still didn't work.

A Friday presenter raised much needed funds this year for the radio service, by running in the Bracknell Half Marathon. (Frank Blasi) 150 sponsors at 5p a mile raised £220.10.

The fete this year was opened by local MP Andrew MacKay, who afterwards visited the radio studio with his family.

The 100up club was ceased this year after membership fell to low levels and new fundraising avenues were employed.

1985 proved the most successful in more recent years in securing adequate funding for all the stations activities. The now famous annual grand draw by the radio service begun.

The first charity night was held at the Stag Public House.

Records donated and left in the reception of the maternity unit were pilfered before getting to the radio. This was raised with the hospital at the monthly meeting on how this can be avoided.

The plastic headsets which were used on the bed heads were changed to those supplied for airlines. In August £304.58 was spent.

A modification of the unit with a t-piece and extra tubing provided an alternative solution of the high cost of replacements from the hospital supplier.

A ward raffle in October raised £61.46 for the radio.

A garage sale was organized by one of the presenters mum; this raised £141,for the radio station. At the end of the year, the first Radio Heatherwood Sweatshirts were worn by the staff.

Ward 1 had not had the bed head radio system for over a year since the renovations. In December this year the service was finally restored.

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Grand Draw 1985

The first Grand draw was a turning point in the fortunes of the radio station.

PJ Dave And Tommy And Bracknell Basketball PlayerPJ Dave And Tommy And Bracknell Basketball Player
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PJ Dave And Tommy And Bracknell Basketball Player

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The next ten years produced significant sums of money for the radio and allowed it to expand all it's ideas and not have to worry whether or not we had enough money.

Each year in February the radio secretary would write to local business to secure prizes for the draw. By the end of June, tickets would be issued and sold on the wards in the local high streets and to family and friends of presenters.

The draw would always take place in September.

Staples WinnerThe first ever winner of the Grand Draw in 1985
Family of Staples.
No copies of those original tickets exist.
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The first ever winner of the Grand Draw in 1985

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The first draw was held at the stag public house in Ascot. Ann And Tommy McCarthy landlords were great friends and supporters to the radio service.

A member of the Bracknell basketball team came to the first draw and officiated. The Grand draw would be the main event, on what became known as charity night. Ann & Tommy would always lay on a buffet which was just one of the ways in which they would support us.

Grand Draw/Charity Night Raised:- £641.30 This Year

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